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Health tips for sex

Asparagus:Dired roots of Asparagus act as an aphrodisiac(increase stamina).15 gms of roots shld b boiled in cup of milk & taken twice daily.
During intercourse, kiss the different parts of your partner's body, and don't be restricted solely to the mouth.
It is about understanding what makes your partner tick and supplying those things that make the experience exceptionally pleasurable.
Prolong Ejaculation:Squeeze base of ur organ by wrapping ur thumb & index finger around it,just b4 u feel like ejaculating.Repeat 2-3 times.
Don't be shy to experiment on every part of the body. Remember to prolong the foreplay with more kissing & caressing b4 actual intercourse.
Compliment ur partner's appearance or other attributes, if they have low confidence level. Show that u care about them & what they enjoy!
Talk about what u want to do, discuss beforehand your desires, tell ur partner what u like and don't like while engaging in any sexual act.
While a woman's desire for sex may change with time as the result of hormonal influences, they are just as sexual as men.

With woman on top, man shld put pillow under his bums which will create more thrust while moving. He shld also rub clitoris with his thumb.
If words fail you, either SHOW or GUIDE your partner in the direction you want, and encourage them to do the same.

Remember that only by communication can we understand what is required to improve - and that practice makes 'sex' perfect!
By wearing a condom one can protect against STD's and pregnancy, and help reduce the sensitivity that can result in increased stamina.
There r times in all relationships when ur partner is not available for sex when you desire it, even when they sleep beside you. Be patient!

Foreplay is IMP in understanding what ur partner likes cause without that u will never understand what they really need 2 b fully stimulated
The best sexual encounters shld include long & sensual foreplay. A big part of the fun on any trip is the 'journey' to get there!
Foreplay includes a range of activities such as undressing, kissing, petting and oral sex; but you can add your own thoughts to the list.
Most woman need prolonged stimulation in order to reach complete arousal, and foreplay will provide them with the required encouragement.
A more attentive form of foreplay will bring increased pleasure to both partners, and make any sexual experience more satisfying.

Have safe sex with fixed partner, avoid HIV/AIDS
A woman may take long to reach first climax, but subsequent passion becomes more intense & orgasms are attained far more quickly.
Impotence - The nerves of genital organs are controlled by pelvic region. A cold hip bath in the morning & evening for 10 mins is effective.
Extending the amount of fun you have before actual intercourse makes sex feel more like an all-night party than a flash in the pan!
Corner her sometimes in the bathroom, kitchen or dressing room, it doesn't matter where as long as u r alone with nobody prying around.
Always endeavour to attain coital climax & come off alongwith the woman, or far better still, after her. Never come off before her!
Get as much of her body in the game as u can before u head south. Aim for her lips, her ears, neck & sides of her torso, below her breasts.
Don't be shy about getting specific and telling him precisely how much pressure you want from his tongue during oral sex,
Women who know how to stimulate or rub their organs are often able to reach orgasm with a partner more easily than those who don't
Practice & indulge in what you both like. However, don't allow any one position to predominate, to become stale by repeated use.
Keep your love life and sex life as fresh as they were on the day of your first coitus. Never let them grow old or tarnish.
Like colours, have variety in sex with 1 partner!
To enjoy pleasure of sex, one should not focus on reaching orgasm directly. Love play or foreplay is the key to arousal & reaching climax!
Stress & unhealthy lifestyle can reduce the level of testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible for sex drive.
69 - Is it dirty? NO. This has been a normal practise amongst many couples. Sucking, licking each other's organs is OK, needs understanding!
A steady fatty diet of burgers, fries, Pizzas could leave u sex-starved. These may curb production of testosterone that fuels ur sex drive.
Pleasant conversation, followed by ardent love-making, long abstinence, bodily contact & a good meal r predisposing factors to induce sex!
Just prior to their periods, sex is not very appealing to them, while during periods or after, woman will be always prepared to receive you.
Keep ur sex life, ur sex-acts & ur love-making always fresh by 'wooing' ur woman by love-play, in different ways, using different techniques
Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol can play hell with ur sex life. Being on a poor diet or overweight may cause premature ejaculation

Have plenty of sex. Giving up sex can be giving up on all of life. It can drain vitality out of ur marraige, ur work & physical well-being.
Without biting, enclose her lips & mouth gently between your teeth. Insinuate tip of your tongue between her lips. Suck her lips strongly.
Respect ur women's sexual desires and satisfy her!
Kissing with use of tongue not only on lips but other erogenous zones viz ear lobes, neck, throat, nipples can be very stimulating for both.
Kissing techniques: Gently touching the lips with yours; Sucking woman's lower lip; moving tip of tongue from right to left of lips & back.
Don't follow any rule or chart for having sex. Its not a weekend activity. Indulge in sex as often as you are able to indulge in it.
Woman's sex urge is at its highest just after her periods and lasts for 3-4 days.
A man gets aroused almost instantaneously; climaxes within few minutes. A woman however, needs to be aroused skillfully, slowly & patiently.
An all body massage twice a week is useful in treatment of impotence/less desire as it revives muscular vigour essential for nervous energy.
Dried dates strengthen ur sexual organs. Mixed with almonds, pistachio, quince seeds in equal quantities about 100 gms can be consumed daily
Some females love a good quickie sometimes but when it comes to real sex & real love making the game any woman wants to play is FOREPLAY.
Take 1/2 teaspoon of ginger juice with half boiled egg[optional] & honey daily at night for a month. It can relieve premature ejaculation, impotency.
Drumsticks r useful in treatment of sexual debility. They r also useful in functional sterility in both males & females. Eat them regularly.
Onion increases libido and strengthens the reproductive organs. The white variety of onion is, however, more useful for this purpose.
Garlic is a natural aphrodisiac for impotence. It is a tonic for loss of sexual power due to any cause. Chew 2-3 raw garlic cloves daily.
You may feel mentally relaxed after smoking, but continuous smoking activity can dampen your sexual desire and it may make you impotent.
Sexual activity demands concentration & relaxation. It should not be performed in haste & tension. This may result in sexual dysfunctions.
Sex is pleasurable when both partners r active. Passive might seem just fine in the beginning, but sooner or later u r going to get bored.
Teeth r as important as the groin and armpits. When kissing a girl or sitting close to her, she won't want to smell ur bad breath.
The brain is biggest sex organ. You can help get your lover ready to let her 'fingers do the walking' with a steamy phone conversation.
Orgasms r like muscles, if u haven't learned how to use them they take a while to get condition. Be patient & supportive to ur partner.
A good lover is about GIVING and SATISFYING their partner thru SEDUCTION & unselfish behavior. Nothing exemplifies this more than foreplay.
If ur partner is taking any anti-depressants, they can have an incredibly dampening effect on both the libido and the ability to orgasm.
Missionary style is one of the most intimate positions, but again this position only works for both partners with good communication.
Women on top: Gives great stimulation if women bends forward, gets into grinding motion so her clitoris rubs against the man's pubic bone.
Doggy style: For many women its a favorite position because it can be great for G-spot stimulation. Deep thrusting can be painful though.
Always use a condom with a new partner, even if she seems as innocent as a nun. Regular partners should still have chlamydia and blood tests
When a female gets 2 a point where she whimpers small sounds that seem uncomfortable & satisfying at same time, she might be close 2 orgasm.
G-Spot is on the front wall about a third of the way down so u need to communicate with ur lover to find right thrust that works for her.
Just as the head of a man's penis is the most sensitive, the first third of a woman's vagina is the most sensitive.
Use ur hands, forearms, elbows, chin 2 get into ur partner's muscles & deep tissue. This massage & touch will relax & stimulate ur partner.
The more u treat ur partner as something u eat & not something u dominate the more erotic and heightened the pleasure will be for both of u.
Men don't 'give' orgasms to women; they can only help achieve them. Woman has to be in right frame of mind & receive right stimulation.
Each woman is unique, the sort of touch, stroke, caress, etc. that drives one woman wild can drive another one crazy - with annoyance!
Women are slow burners. They take longer to become aroused and get as much pleasure, if not more, out of tenderness, kissing and cuddling.
The key to a better sex life is honest communication between you and your lover. Real & frank conversations will help overcome ur problems.
Premature Ejaculation: Learn exactly where u need to cool down before going over the edge - then learning to slowly expand amount of time.
Sexual gymnastics are often distracting. Chopping and changing positions and techniques can make a woman's sexual excitement plummet.
Put a little X in your sex. Watching steamy movies with your partner will increase the chance that you will have sex.
Don't rush into sex and focus attention immediately on the genitalia. Take it slowly. Learn to massage. Use plenty of lubrication.
Drinking increases man's desire but decreases his ability. It also affects women's sexual response. 1 or 2 pegs max is fine for both.
Good lovemaking starts long before u reach the bedroom. Before any date, have a bath. Smell of sweat can lessen the desire of ur partner.
Take care of ur partner first & then take turns. Good foreplay is when one guy/girl gets great pleasure out of pleasing his/her lover.
Avoid a heavy meal before sex. Champagne is a better bet, but choose a less acidic one, lest exotic Kama Sutra-style acts cause indigestion.
Men feel relaxed when women reach orgasm. Don't be shy. Talk to him precisely on what ur needs r. Take his hand & move it where u want it.
Try achieving orgasm during foreplay. Intercourse after having an orgasm can be incredibly intense 'cause ur hot spots r already sensitized.
Rub some coconut oil on the vagina (if it is dry) before intercourse. It will act as a lubricant and keep the skin soft for smooth entry!
If u have an erection problem or less desire, consult a sex therapist before getting engaged or married. Healthy sex life is very essential.
Upset, he is late home again? Get into sexual act instead of fighting! It will help u get over the stress & he will start coming home early!
Having sex regularly increases male hormone, testosterone, within the body. This helps strengthen muscles & bones of human body!
Intimacy plays a key role in health benefits of sex. Feeling secure in a relationship leads to feeling happier, younger & healthier!
Penis can never shrink nor it can grow big in size with medicines or treatment by quacks. Ayurvedic herbs & oil may help to certain extent.
Regular sex increases the level of female hormone which reduces risk of heart disease & softens the vaginal tract.
Sex balances the ratio of good to bad cholesterol & reduces the overall cholesterol count in the body.
Also, wash & clean your vital organs before & after intercourse. It is a must if u r indulging in oral sex.
Use a condom correctly & consistently during every act of sex. Use new condom everytime. This will prevent u from STDs, unwanted pregnancy.
Avoid STD: Don't decide about sex when under the influence of drug or alcohol. In such state one is likely to choose a 'wrong' partner!
Stop-Start: During intercourse, when u r about 2 climax stop stroking, withdraw, take few deep breaths & start again. Repeat 2/3 times.
Premature Ejaculation: This is a psycological problem. Yoga, meditation can help. Consult a Sex Therapist. Ur partners support is essential.
Sex for fun can be risky! Have it with a partner whom u love & trust. Love can increase level of oxytin, hormone that induces sexual desire. A higher level of oxytin will increase the frequency of sexual encounters between the couple.
An active sex life help us live longer. Sex, like exercise, releases endorphins that contribute to runner's high & diminishes pain levels.
The satisfaction & relaxation after sex are beneficial to the mind and the circulatory system.
Sex is form of physical exercise. Sex 3 times a week burns lots of calories, if maintained throughout year is equivalent 2 jogging 75 miles.
Have safe sex - only with ur dedicated partner with whom u have loving relationship to avoid sexual problems, diseases.
Sex gives u not just pleasure but energy, increases oxidation, relieves pain & stress and does much more to keep u healthy n happy.
Foreplay doesn't happen only in bedroom 60 secs b4 intercourse. It encompasses entire day. If u have a date tonight, start groundwork now!
If ur wife is pregnant, you can continue to have sex with her the first 4-6 months if she is comfortable. Avoid sex in the 3rd trimester.
Apart from genitals, there r other parts of ur body - nipples, neck, ears, fingers of hands/toes - need to be stimulated for more pleasure.
women on top position will increase pressure on her clitoris, while you relax to increase ur staying power & she can reach orgasm easily!
Aerobic exercise activates ur body's sexual response. Wine may make u feel warm & fuzzy inside, but too much alcohol will have -ve response.
Physical fitness is very important 2 have great sex. U can go beyond the missionary position and try different positions for more pleasure.
Foods that enhance your sexual interest / power - Chocolate, Dry Fruits, Wine, Fish, Chicken legs, onions, radish & garlic.
A foreplay is very important during sexual intercourse. Don't hurry & try to finish the job. Enjoy every moment before u reach climax.
Anxiety & stress can affect your sexual performance. Regular yoga & breathing exercise will give you more control over ur orgasm.
Too much smoking & alcohol consumption can make you impotent. For healthy sex life, avoid smoking.
It is very important for both partners to get HIV & VD tests done before getting married and/or having sexual relationship.
Wet Dreams - Common in puberty, may continue into adulthood due to sexual inactivity. Avoid drinking too much water before going to bed.
Oral contraceptives decrease the desire for sex in most women, experts say. Male condoms are safe & best alternative to this!
Regular sex with a fixed partner is good for ur health. It can heal wounds faster. You will be less prone to catching a cold.
Opt for morning sex, after her periods (frm 6th-12th day). Due to increased endorphins & oestrogen, it gives her ample vaginal lubrications.
Performance anxiety gets in ur way? Do u ejaculate too early or not at all - taking longer, deeper breaths can promote better self-control.
Don't look upon sex as a chore. Instill fun element into it. Kissing, hugging, stroking, oral stimulation will help ur partner reach orgasm.
The more exclusive attention she gets, more likely she'll reach orgasm. Vaginal intercourse alone won't help. Key: manual & oral stimulation
Women get urinary-tract-infections easily, so watch (& wash) ur fingers.
Sex is not just a physical activity. Its an emotional experience, where you express ur love, affection & sense of belonging for ur partner.
Size of male organ doesn't matter. One needs to stimulate & thrust right areas (clitoris) of female organs to trigger an orgasm.
You should understand & respect ur partners needs while having sex. Find ways that can give more pleasure & satisfaction to ur partner.
Forget Viagara! Eating couple of dark chocolates or a chocolate drink before making love will increase sensitivity & give u a natural high.
Saying 'I love you' quickly before, during or following sex doesn't count.
Remember sex is not a nightly affair. You can try it early morning at times. Its more enjoyable and long lasting!
If u r keen to have sex and ur partner is not interested, offer her a gentle body massage. This will play the trick.

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