शुक्रवार, 30 मई 2008

Acupressure to relieve pain

Acupressure is a therapy which involves the application of intermittent pressure, on certain parts of the body.The fingers or the thumb alone is used to massage specified points on the body for a specific time.Acupressure is very safe as it has no side effects or after effects. It can be used by anyone at anytime .As acupressure treatment mainly involves massage, it improves blood circulation and is also said to relieve stress and strain. Pressing the hollow at the base of the skull, helps to relieve stress and strain. Headaches can be cured, by just pressing and massaging the two thumbs. A sore throat vanishes by massaging the base of the big toe. Similarly, by applying pressure on the back of the palms for a minute or two at a time, around four times a day, back pains can be got rid of.It has been reported that ailments such as frozen shoulders, knee problems, foot problems, neck pains, arthritis, sinus and headaches have been cured using acupressure. Studies also show that acupressure brings relief to patients suffering from asthma, insomnia and depression.

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