मंगलवार, 17 जून 2008


Dronpushpi is a problematic weed for farmers, it is a tasty potherb for many rural people and a valuable medicinal herb for herbalists and is cultivated for herbal drugs in some parts of India. Dronpushpi can be seen easily in rainy season.In tribal regions of India, Dronpushpi is a valuable drug for snake bite.The juice extracted from leaves is used to cure skin problems. In rainy season, many Indian tribal communities take bath with water having Dronpushpi leaf extract.They also wash their cattle and other domestic animals with this water. According to Ayurveda, the plant is mild stimulant and diaphoretic and used in fevers and coughs. The flowers mixed in honey is used as domestic remedy for cough and colds . Anti bacterial activity of Leucas aspera leaf extract against Micrococcus pyogenes and Escheria coli have also been reported. Dronpushpi is valuable homoeopathic drug and as such is used for the treatment of chronic malaria and asthama .

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